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Hi, I’m Scott!

I specialize in helping businesses grow to reach their full potential.

I accomplish this by leveraging 3 of my most valuable skills: copywriting, marketing campaign development, and growth loop building.

Copywriting is the act of writing to persuade. The goal of copywriting is to convince the reader (or listener) to take action. You can find copy in sales letters, advertisements, web pages, social media posts, emails, video scripts, and more. Your copy should clearly articulate the unique value that your company provides to your target audience. Good copywriting is characterized by clear and compelling language that captures the reader’s attention and motivates them to take action.

A marketing campaign is a coordinated series of activities undertaken to promote a product, service, or brand. It can include a range of promotional tactics such as paid advertising, content marketing, social media management, and email marketing. The goal of a marketing campaign is to deliver a compelling message to a specific target audience with the ultimate goal of driving sales. A well-executed marketing campaign will help you reach new customers and achieve your business goals.

A growth loop is a feedback loop that drives growth for a company, product, or service. It’s like a chain reaction where one good thing leads to another and another. Your company needs to have systems in place to ensure it’s growth. For example: When a customer is happy with your product, it should be easy for them to refer a friend. When a customer is unhappy, it should be easy for them to voice their complaints so that you can deliver a better product next time. If you don’t take good care of your unhappy customers, they will stop new customers from joining your growth cycle. Building a growth loop for your company is a continuous process of testing, learning, and optimization, and it is an essential piece of any good marketing strategy.

I am committed to helping my clients maximize their return on investment and achieve their desired results. With my experience and dedication to excellence, I am confident I can provide the best possible service to my clients.

If you need help scaling your business, then we should work together!

Give me a call at 289-943-5477 or email me at scott@carrollpropertyservices.ca to get started.

Here are the packages I Offer:

Digital Marketing Rookie



1-on-1 Strategy Calls

+ 1 Custom Strategic Marketing Plan

+ 1 Custom Social Media Posting Schedule

Copywriting & Ad Management

$$ (most popular)


Copywriting & Setup for Google Ads

+ Daily Monitoring and Optimization

+ Second Ad for Split-Testing

+ Copywriting for Landing Pages

+ Weekly Strategy Calls

+ Everything from the Digital Marketing Rookie Package

Digital Marketing Guru


Planning Content for Ads, Social Media, and Website

+ On-Site Shooting

+ Editing

+ Copywriting for Social Media Captions

+ Posting and Engaging with Followers

+ Everything from the Copywriting & Ad Management Package

If you’re just starting up and you can’t afford any of the packages above, you can follow me on TikTok at tiktok.com/@scalewithscott to learn copywriting and marketing for free!

14 Day Ad Campaign Management & Copywriting Free Trial! (Limited Availability)

This limited time offer includes:

  • Copywriting for 1 Google ad
  • Google ad, Instagram ad, or Facebook ad setup
  • Ad Monitoring and optimization
  • 2 Free Weekly Strategy calls

If you already have a converting landing page, I promise that by the end of your 2 free weeks, you’ll be getting enough leads from my copywriting to sign up with me.

To save your spot, fill out a CREATIVE BRIEF.


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